Friday, July 9, 2010

15 Months Going On 15 Years!

We had our 15 month check up today, and although it wasn't with Pip {you only meet w/the Nurse Practioner on this visit}, Roslyn was wonderful! She seemed quite entertained by Miss Caroline. I believe one of her first comments was, "Now sometime between 15 and 18 months, you'll notice temper tantrums beginning..." HA! We started those MONTHS ago, in fact, we had one leaving today because I wouldn't let her stick her hand in the Fish Tank. I know, Bad Mommy! I mean it was full out screaming-kicking-limp noodle-so I couldn't pick her up tantrum! Who knew girls were so dramatic, and at 15 months?! This must be one of those traits she's inherited from the Parkers, because surely she didn't get this from me! :)

So here's the stat run down: 

She weighs 23 lbs exactly which is 50th %tile {I swore she weighed more!}
She is 31 inches long close to 75th %tile {Daniel, don't get all giddy yet...Roslyn said this is very subjective. I still think she'll be a shorty!}
Her had is 45.5 cm around, still in 25-50th %tile.

Here's what we should expect by 18 mos: 
{Jackie I was sure to ask so I knew what to expect for next time! :)}

*5-10 words, which I'm pretty sure she has now.
She can say, Dada, Daddy, NO, Oh okay, Dis {this}, Dog {strange b/c we don't have one}, Thanks, Please {although not as much as I'd like :)}, and she does the sign for Milk.

*Pointing at body parts -- she knows her ears already! If you ask her where they are, she sticks her fingers in them, adorable!

*Eating w/a spoon -- she can stab the heck out of some Mac and Cheese!

*And unfortunately, most likely down to one nap. Boo Hiss! I love her 2 naps!

So all in all, it was a great visit, Roslyn said she's perfect and then proceeded to stick her with 2 shots! She could've gotten 3, but I opted to save it for 18 months when none are scheduled.

We are headed to a wedding this weekend, Christine's BFF Amanda is getting married! I am SUPER excited b/c Liquid Pleasure is the band! Can't wait to see them decked out in their Red Sequin suits! It'll bring back far too many memories from Athens, but hopefully I can act more like the adult that I am, not the college kid I once was....hopefully! :) Any big plans for my 3 readers?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
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