Friday, June 7, 2013

may recap!

My computer last Friday, leaving me with no way to give a recap from our month. We are back up and running though, thanks to the fine people over at apple! My computer is faster than ever, and except for a few things here and there, I have pretty much restored everything. I will be doing more regular back ups though....just for when this happens again.

As if a month could get any more eventful than our April was, we entered May and sit back shocked at everything that occurred in 31 short days!

We started off the month with a Princess Spa birthday party! Caroline had never had her fingernails painted, so she opted for the pattern of hot pink and hot purple nails. Why not go big, right?! She also had her hair and makeup done. The party ended with all the little girls having a fashion show, too cute!

May 9th might have been the busiest day ever. It started off with Caroline's 3 year old End of the Year program and party. I was so sad to say goodbye to her teachers, they have been wonderful role models and teachers to Caroline. She has learned so much. Laurel was Caroline's teacher for both 2 year old and 3 year old preschool, so it was especially hard to say goodbye, but I am so thankful for her. She helped us through Caroline's speech issues last year, and was just so supportive in helping Caroline regain self confidence. It was always so comforting to hear her say what great improvements Caroline was making. Molly will be in 3 day 2's next year, so Laurel will be without a Parker girl for the first time in 2 years. 

After leaving Caroline's school, we headed over to Athens for the first of two graduations! Daniel finally graduated from MBA school! Woo Hoo!! I am so proud of him, it was a lot of work, especially considering when he started school, we had just had Molly and he had just started at PES. Glad these two years are behind us and he gets his weekends back! That's Daniel with his arms up, walking across the stage.

After attending Daniel and Ryan's graduation party at the Georgia Club, we make our way back into Athens for Eric's graduation! Graduation is now at night in Sanford Stadium, and the weather couldn't have been better. After the ceremony, fireworks are set off. Sure wish it had been this way when we graduated! We had to endure the horrible humidity and heat that occurred with a ceremony during the day. Eric is now off to Vet School in the fall, though he'll still be in Athens! So proud of him!

We had a lovely Mother's Day Brunch that didn't entail shoveling food into our mouths as fast as we could. The girls actually let us sit long enough to eat lunch AND dessert! It was a Mother's Day miracle!

As a way to celebrate Daniel's graduation, him and I took a trip {sans kids} to St. Thomas! We had never been there, but I think we'll probably be was gorgeous! Such an easy trip from Atlanta and it was beyond relaxing. We both needed this time away, it was hard to come back, but of course we were glad to see our girls!

And finally, we sold our house! We decided {last minute} to try the market and see if we could sell. We put our house on the market the day we left for St. Thomas and came home with a binding contract!! Maybe we should visit St. Thomas a bit more...

On to June we go!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

april month in review

If I can't manage to blog daily {ha!} or weekly, then surely I can get myself together enough to have a month in review post. I don't want to forget everything that is going on in our sweet family, and with a major case of pregnancy brain most days, it's definitely liable to happen.

April was a BUSY month for us!

Here are a few snippets of what we did:

* Caroline turned 4 and Molly Grace turned 2, my goodness it's going by so fast! We celebrated both girls' birthdays with having a few of their friends come over, with a special appearance from Ariel! The little girls loved every second of the princess party, while the boys were quite content playing on the swingset. {I posted a lot of pictures from the party, and yes, I post dated it, so as to not remember that I couldn't get my act together to post them on time.}

* For Molly's actual birthday, we had pizza and cake before opening presents. On Caroline's we took the girls and grandma's to Hibachi! They were mesmerized for a while until the volcano and ring of fire came, then they wanted know part of the cooking show. Molly loved the food though, girl can eat some chicken and rice!

* At Caroline's 4 year old check up, she weighed 33lbs and is 41 inches tall. She was able to do the sight test all by herself, reading the letters off of the chart as any adult would. When we go back with her, it will be took get all of her kindergarten boosters! I can't believe that.

* Molly had a great check up as well. She weighed 30lbs and is 35 inches tall. She's trying so hard to catch up to her sister. She has more words than we can count, and is still the happiest child I know...except when she's throwing a terrible twos tantrum because I've said no. We are in no way worried about speech with her, and excited about her starting MWF twos next year when Caroline starts PreK.

* We found out we are having our third baby girl!! Sweet Sisters we will have, and are so excited to meet her. She may not have a name, but boy will she be loved! When telling Caroline, she exclaimed, "I told you it was a girl!" Ha! Molly too thought it was a girl and when I asked her what we should name her she quickly shouted, "Simba!" Simba is the name of her lovie...yeah, don't think so.

* Daniel finished MBA school! And all God's people said, Amen! What a crazy two years it has been; Daniel started at PES, we had Molly, and he started school all around the same glad that piece of the puzzle is over! I am so proud of him!

* Caroline is still in swim and loving it! Our little fishy hasn't used a float since her first week back in February. I can't wait to get her in the pool, although I can wait to get in a maternity swimsuit, and have her show Daddy her skills!

* Molly started Sportots this month, which is basically gymnastics for toddlers. She has lots of little friends in there, and with help can walk on the balance beam, scale a wall, and do a somersault! She loves the trampoline the best though!

* We ended the month with Muffins and Moms at Caroline's school. Molly and I attended chapel with Caroline's class, and were then invited to enjoy yummy muffins that her teachers made for all of the moms. Molly of course made herself right at home. I call her the class mascot! With 9 little girls, they all squeal when Molly walks in, it's so cute! After eating her muffin, chocolate of course, she walked across the hall when she joined Ms. Elizabeth's class in circle time. We so hope Molly gets Ms. Elizabeth next year. She was the assistant in Caroline's 2's class and now teaches MWF 2s. Even the director commented that Molly was ready for school. We just love DUMCP and are so happy the girls are there.

20 Week Bump Picture...I finally popped!

I can't promise any posts between now and the end of May, but maybe I'll surprise myself! May is shaping up to be just as busy, and can't wait to share pictures of all we are up to!

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